Introducing an Innovative Way to Inventory



In a regulated and audited industry of agriculture production, Agracount provides inventory oversight and reporting capabilities that you need to ensure compliancy and profitability. Agracount is an easy to use tool that combines hardware and software with an optional private secure website.

Agracount offers accurate inventory with minimal variances. Backed with software from Pelican Technologies, Agracount reads existing RFID Tags and barcodes and stores the data received in real time. That information is accessible on the rugged Agracount handheld hardware and can also be pushed to an optional private and secure cloud environment.

Either connected to the cloud or as a stand-alone application, Agracount allows information about each plant or product, its parents and children, location, type and potency (as well as any additional organization specific information) to be easily exported. Those exports can be used for state reporting and historical audits. Additionally, Agracount interfaces with METRC.

How It Works


Agracount is...

User Friendly

The handheld interface allows users to enter information about new items (plants) or scan an area to build a list of all the known items that have been seen. A private secure online management interface allows users to quickly generate exports and manage inventory.


Depending on the environment, Agracount can receive information from RFID handheld readers, desktop readers, fixed readers or barcode scanners. It is scalable, from a single stand-alone handheld up to multiple networked readers overseeing large areas.

Item Management

As new items are added, users are prompted to provide customized details about the items – description, location, type, potency, etc. Plants (or any item added) can be organized into custom “virtual” areas allowing similar items to be grouped together.

Customized Reporting

Organizations utilizing Agracount’s private secure online management website or the tablet / desktop software can customize the reports displayed and exported. This includes selecting which plant attributes should be seen and which items should be included.

Easy To Operate

Combining the User-Friendly interface, the scalable system elements, a variety of RFID or Barcode hardware with the tablet, desktop or private secure website interface provides users with tools that make Agracount an easy and accurate tool for plant and item accountability.

Easy To Grow

Start small and expand over time. A single handheld with the Agracount software can be expanded to multiple readers and the private secure online interface. Add individual plants one at a time or in groups. Add users and RFID or Barcode readers as needed.

Connected Cloud

When seedlings are registered and tagged, they appear in the Agracount database and are associated with the variety and their parent plant. Associated items (buds, oils, derived product, medications, etc.) can also be tagged and registered with the database. These items are linked to their “parent” for reporting and tracking purposes.

Every organization is different. Agracount’s inherent ability to adjust to these differences gives it a strength and advantage over other “one-size-fits-all” inventory systems.

Fixed readers placed in grow areas or at doorways automatically report to Agracount which plants or other tagged items are where. Mobile and rugged handheld readers report expected inventories by area and variances to workers and to management in real-time. Management always has up-to-the-minute accurate information about stock levels, losses, product on hand and where that product is located. All of this is exportable and able to be imported into state regulatory systems.

The server that hosts the Agracount user interface and database can be setup locally or remotely managed by Pelican Technologies and is unique for each organization using Agracount.

Just as accuracy of information is important, so is the security of that information. Agracount uses advanced encryption, SSL Certificates, two-factor user authentication and isolated databases to ensure that unauthorized access to information collected and stored in the Agracount system doesn’t occur.